July 2008

The problem with Sony

Because of what I have written on here about Sony I have been accused many times of being a Nintendo or a Microsoft fanboy. Nothing could be further from the […]

The Balkanisation of the interweb

The interweb is an amazing thing, open to all it puts the sum of human knowledge at your fingertips. And with blogs, forums, social networking and content aggregators it has opened […]

Well it is an earthquake of a news story. The whole gaming interweb is on fire over this one and the Sony fanboys are going apoplectic. Yes Final Fantasy XIII […]

In an interesting news item it was revealed that outside investors had risked $184 million in virtual worlds in the first quarter of this year and $161 million in the second quarter of […]

The most played video game in the world

Everyone knows that this is Microsoft Windows Solitaire, installed on hundreds of millions of PCs and being played by hundreds of thousands of office workers and airline passengers right now to […]