Some predictions this blog got right


If I don’t blow my own trumpet nobody is going to blow it for me, so here are some of the articles on here that predicted real world events.

Everybody knows now that the iPod/iPhone is going to be a huge gaming success. Apple are putting massive resources into making it so and there are lots of developers working on bringing games to it. There were a couple of articles on here at the end of last summer that predicted this months before any announcements.

There has been a lot of publisher consolidation activity in recent months, this was predicted in advance. Also the role of the film industry in this was explained long before a whole raft of events.

The game industry is riddled with bad management and this article was timed to explain this well before the clean out of the board of directors at SCI/EIDOS.

Then in December, at the height of the Christmas rush there was this article explaining that Microsoft were going to reduce the price of the Xbox 360 and why they were going to do this.

And finally there were a couple of articles about the subsidies that game companies receive in Canada, how these were probably illegal under WTO rules and how the British government should do something about it. Which now, belatedly, they have.

So if you want to know what is going to happen in the game industry there is no need for expensive analysts when you can read the articles here for free!


  1. The iPhone will probably turn out to be a viable gaming platform, but not a very significant one in terms of numbers. Apple’s ‘one size fits all’ approach to hardware isn’t as applicable to phones as it is to music players.

    EA, Popcap and perhaps Glu and Gameloft stand to do well out of it, but most effort and attention will continue to be focussed on the DS, followed by the PSP and more widely adopted mobile platforms (i.e. J2ME in Europe and BREW in the Americas).

  2. To be honest, most of the gaming site had been saying all these things for quite a long. And most of these prediction are quite easy. It’s like saying that there’ll be many new videogames/comics deals; or that the DS sales will start slowing during the year (because almost everyone has it right now :)); or that GTA IV will be a hit 🙂

    Aside for that, good job. Now we want to know what you got wrong 😉

  3. It takes a big man to admit his mistakes too.

    Looking forward to the list of things you got wrong too.

    After all… we all like balance! (It’s not rocket science!)

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