UK game company failures, 2009 predictions

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With the current recession it is not surprising that people will speculate about which companies are going to fail. Here is a list of predicted company failures for this year, which, as you can see contain several companies related to the game industry.

This list is based on facts and methodology. These are companies that: declare their current-liabilities as greater than 20 million UK pounds on their last published accounts, but where their declared profits are less that one million pounds.

And as you can see, the methodology was sound, several of these companies are no longer with us. I wonder if any more of them are due to fail?


  1. Come on!

    Tell us what game company are you thinking about? 😀

  2. Yeah, I’d say it’s a pretty sound assumption to make that a company will fail when they owe 20 times their own yearly intake (to the tune of 19 million pounds). 🙂

  3. Hmm, not sure if this really holds up. It’s basically a list generated by an algorithm based on old data that you pulled from another site. I cant see Cisco Systems failing in 2010 either 😉

  4. Will the gaming company Games Play UK LTd survive

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