This blog has received some very nice compliments

Roger Ehrenberg has been an Investment Banker and Managing Director at Citibank and Managing Director and Co-head of Deutsche Bank’s Global Strategic Equity Transactions Group, he writes the influential blog Information Arbitrage. And he likes this site!

Some of the flattery is enough to make even me blush. He says “I discovered this gaming blogger Bruce – he’s really smart, cerebral and experienced. But most importantly, it seems that he and I are on the same wavelength as it relates to Sony’s PS2 strategy. And he really knows gaming.” and “Bruce is a lucid thinker and a good writer. ”

The Weekend Gamer has written about this site a few times: “The internet is littered with fanboys of every persuasion, doling out their myopic and inane arguments without much thought for intelligent discourse.  It’s because of the fact that you can hardly go anywhere without getting inundated with abusive fans of one console or the next that is so appealing to me.  The conversation has, so far in the short life of the site, maintained a high degree of intelligence that is refreshing.” and “One of my absolute favorite sites for gaming has got to be Bruceongames, a blog by Bruce Everiss–a british marketing expert who has worked for over twenty years in the video game business.  His articles are always thought provoking, and so I thought I’d highlight one that I read the other day and thoroughly enjoyed. ”

And The Gamer Gene says: “A pioneer still respected to this day, Bruce Everiss has been there since the beginning. He’s the man responsible for helping both Imagine and Codemasters get off the ground, allowing both to become among the most successful game publishers in the UK.”

We’ve also had good mentions on N4G, 1Up and GameSet Watch amongs many others.

All this is very gratifying indeed and makes all the work worthwhile. Thank you everyone.


  1. And it helps people like me find your work and add it to my research process. Keep up the fine work!

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