A free marketing tip for Jagex


Jagex are the publisher of the very popular MMO Runescape which is mainly played by kids. A feature of the game is catching sharks. Yet out there in the real world sharks are being fished to extinction. They are fished mainly in an especially cruel way where their fins (the valuable bit) are cut off and then they are thrown back into the sea to die slowly, which can take weeks. So Runescape is sending out all the wrong messages to it’s vast player base.

Sharks are now more endangered than whales. Yet ecologically they are far more important. It is the sharks that keep the oceans healthy by removing all that is diseased or otherwise unhealthy. So by featuring shark fishing in this game Jagex are putting themselves firmly on the side of the bad guys.

So this gives them a great marketing opportunity. They can take the sharks out of the game (and anything else that is endangered) and replace them with something that is sustainable. They could do this in “consultancy” with a high profile environmental organisation like Greenpeace. Then use a good PR company to place the story. This should get on national TV news in several countries. The coverage would be massive.

So many millions of people who are currently unaware of Runescape would be informed about it, this in itself would be excellent. But in addition the brand image would be considerably enhanced. And maybe it might do something to help the sharks.

If anyone is interested in registering their opposition to shark fishing there is a petition here.


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  1. Wouldn’t such a move, although being a good PR stunt, endorse the link between player’s actions in a game (based in a fantasy world) and the real world. Isn’t that what polititians do when they talk about violence in games? Basically anyone that you argue against will bring this up as prejudice: “good stuff – we can make the link, bad stuff – we cant”. I admit it would be an excellent PR move if executed properly.

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