Over 1 million sign for Free Realms in 17 days


I have said many times that I like business models other than paying at the point of purchase. I have also said that I think MMOs and social networking will morph into being the same thing. This has manifested itself in my support for games such as Habbo and Runescape. They are huge successes.

Now Sony has joined them with Free Realms and it is proving, thus far, to be an outstanding success. Getting to a million players in just 17 days. The marketing team at Sony must be very proud.


  1. I am curious how these new models of making money are going to work-out. I just hope to God the practice of dumping shed-load of spyware on our PC’s is the thing of the past. Nothing more annoying for older friends and members of my family who have teenage children who log-in to the family PC after their kids have been playing whatever flavour of “Runescape” is popular this month to be confronted with a barrage of pop-ups when they try to check their emails or catch-up on whatever turgid storyline is being played out on Eastenders. Interesting though, cant wait to see how this is gonna turn out . . . . . .

  2. Free Realms is one of the best online games I have tried in a long time. Love battling the robogoblins, and racing my friends is super fun too. The game was only released at the end of April, and it already has over 2 million registered users! Start playing today at http://www.freerealms.com, and enter these 2 codes to receive special items! Type in FROGGY to get Froggy Fries, which turns your character into a frog for a limited time. And type in SANDWICH to make your character temporarily tiny!

  3. Lyonus99, it is nice to see the Sony online marketing people doing their job.

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