October 2007

Wow, there is a lot happening. I thought I would combine a few things in one article: Russian chessboard killer found guilty. Let this be a warning about the dangers […]

Social networking and gaming

One of the biggest issues and trends in gaming is the way that gaming is drifting towards social networking and vice versa. So eventually they will meet in the middle […]

This is what is happening right now to downloadable console content. According to IDC. Which supports this previous article here. They are saying that the total online console revenues in the USA will […]

Gerhard Florian of Electronic Arts has made waves by saying that we need an open standard gaming platform. This has been covered on here before. He says that EA are […]

During the early 1980s there were a number of superstar journalists in the area of microcomputers and home technology. They did a fantastic job of driving public awareness. People like Guy […]