1. bimmatic

    everytime you mention “video games” it makes YOU sound like the daily mail.

    “it will support repeated viewings and will enter into the human psyche. Video games are still a long way from doing this.”

    are you mad? i dont give a damn if you’ve been involved in the VG industry you OBVIOUSLY dont play games yourself. false advertising is false. unless this is a troll post.

    avatar was good, but damn, you are going a smidge too far. you have the perfect mind for the fanboy mentality. it is especially apparent when you post something concerning microsoft. i own a 360 and its great, but my gosh.

    regardless, i did learn via your post here that there will be more Avatar movies. so thats awesome

  2. Purei

    I wouldn’t say that. There are plenty of times when marketing a game has reached a good profit and so on. Remember all those Halo stuff and the likes of Mario as well.

    You’re looking more for a marketing budget out of proportions to get the best of everyone knowing of the game. Which isn’t easy to do, I bet.

  3. doris

    I really cannot understand people gushing about Avatar.

    It may have been pretty, but it is a dreadful motion picture. Paper thin plotting, predictable characters, and a generous helping of the cheesiest dialogue.

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