1. Enjoy the Christmas break Bruce, have a wonderful New Year year and thank you for the time spent on this mature and informative blog.


  2. merry xmas sir 🙂

  3. Not to beat the whole “Evony” thing into the ground, but I recently posted some scathing criticism on their forums and (expectedly was banned). The funny thing is I tried to connect from a proxy server and it simply bounces you to Evony and kicks you off the proxy back to your own domain to access it. Very interesting, I have never had a website hijack a proxy and force you back out or it to access a site. I find that somewhat shady in itself. Keep up the Good work Bruce and hang tough!! Get all your stuff into others names so they have nothing to take those Frauds!!!

  4. @ Matt

    Evony’s forums are more tightly censored and controlled than the Chinese internet. Things you shall not speak of there (do so and be perma-banned and your offensive remarks purged)-
    Gold farming;
    Evony’s Ads;
    Stolen content;
    Why you have decided not to play Evony any more;
    Anything negative about Evony;
    That the most active Moderators are unpaid company stooges/volunteer asskissers and do more to incite dissent than they do to assauge it; and of course,
    Their law suit against Bruce …

    So unless you’re a 13 year old kid who thinks he/she is gamer culture, there’s nothing to discuss on their forums 😉

    And to Bruce and the rest, my belated seasons greetings.

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