Daily Mail lampooned, because they deserve it

The Daily Mail is a British newspaper with a circulation of about two million. In terms of content the nearest American equivalent is, perhaps, Fox News. Their editorial stance is mostly shock and outrage and they pick on the easy targets, like immigration and video games.

I have written on here many times about how the Mail’s reporting of video games seems based on a lack of understanding and as if they don’t want the facts to get in the way of a good story. The worrying thing is that whilst most people who buy The Mail must surely see it as some sort of entertaining ironic parody there might be some who actually believe what they read. I hope not.

The above video is currently doing the rounds and it is brilliant because it so accurately encapsulates what The Mail is about. Enjoy.


  1. Very nice Bruce! You should write something about those idiot people at Google changing their name to Topeka. I mean really, It’s almost as stupid as apple calling a big iPod touch a iPad.


  2. Must be true!

  3. Sadly, every regular Daily Mail reader I know thinks it’s a serious paper.

  4. D, I could be wrong, but I think that was an april fools thing.
    Can’t say I’ve ever read the Daily Mail, but the song makes it sound like those supermarket tabloids we have here in the states. And actually, I think there was a ray stevens or weird al song about them.

  5. I loved this! Passing it on to all my friends. I can’t stand the Daily Mail, full of useless trash!

  6. Ian Hislop said some truly funny stuff about the Mail tonight on ‘Have I…’, mainly regarding their tearing into Nick Clegg due to his having a foreign wife, dad etc. Foreign + the Mail = outrage on their pages.

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