Infamous Keith Vaz video

Here Keith Vaz is in the House of Commons whingeing about Modern Warfare 2. It is amazing that he is not applying the same standards to books and films. Books have far, far worse content yet they have no age rating whatsoever. Why doesn’t he do something about that?


  1. I think what’s more amazing is that a bunch of other politicians were talking knowledgeably about video games, had in some cases seen the game and even been in direct discussions with the industry.

    For all the stuff Vaz spouts, he doesn’t seem to be finding any traction from his colleagues.

    What a strange and welcome alternate dimension 🙂

  2. True Joost, I like the fact that fellow party members are shaking their heads as soon as he brings up the topic, and their body-language can only be interpreted as saying “sit down, you merchant banker” lol.

    If the government speaker was really keen to help the industry, they would be giving tax incentives to the development houses over here like in France and Canada. Look at what a little government help has done for the likes of Ubisoft. Is it no wonder there has been a mass exodus of sorts of Brit designers etc. legging it over to Canada? Who knows, maybe uncle Pete wouldn’t have had to have sold his soul to M$ in order to make games.

  3. who’s the MP standing up and saying “we should help the games industry” at 1:15 into the clip, and what is his constituancy pls bruce

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