The Great Flu

This is like looking at the future through a chink in the door, I have said before that classrooms are a very inefficient way of learning, that gaming is several times better and that teachers as we now know them will become obsolete. The military, who are not as bound in by political correctness as our school systems, have already implemented much training by gaming with great results.

The Great Flu teaches each person interactively, in an interesting way, and at their own pace. Using the game reward system to ensure that the message gets home. And anyone learning by playing this game is learning from world class experts. It is evolutions of The Great Flu that will create an educational gaming industry that will be far bigger than the purely recreational gaming industry.

Here is what the publishers have to say:

In this game the player has to manage a worldwide outbreak of a new influenza virus, before it turns into a pandemic. In cooperation with one of the worlds leading virologists Dr. Ab Osterhaus from the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, Ranj is developing a serious health game with the goal to increase the awareness and the level of knowledge about viruses and the complex way viruses spread and evolve.

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  1. Have you tried to make us extinct? You can’t. My best ‘effort’ (doing NOTHING at all) infected a little less than half the world population but killed less than 5% of the population. The plague did much better than that. Action, inaction… doesn’t matter in this game as it just prolongs the predestined win although with more deaths. Why has nobody called them on the lack of reality? Last time I checked species DO die off and rather frequently.

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