Who plays Runescape?

I just had a chat with a 12 year old who has been playing Runescape for a couple of years. Currently, in his summer holiday, he is playing it for about 50 hours a week. He has tried other MMOs. Free Realms, for instance, is too childish for him, just like Maple Story. He very much likes the latest upgrades to Runescape, especially the animation pack (except for the abyssal whip). So I asked him who plays Runescape, and this is his opinion:

  • 20% Fat short bald men.
  • 50% College/university nerds.
  • 5% Kids like him.
  • 2% People with illnesses and mobility problems.
  • 23% The rest

The marketing community will love his demographic classifications!


  1. I agree completely with this… its totally true lol
    Although i’d probably increase the amount of kids his age by 5% and decrease college/univeristy nerds by about 5%… and that should be about right

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