Stupid German politicians feel public wrath

I have written on here many times about how stupidly repressive and anti gaming German politicians are. It is as if they are all Keith Vaz! They blame all the troubles of the world on video games, especially when there is any violence in the news. Even though they have no evidence to base their suppositions on.

In fact they are exactly 180 degrees wrong. The playing of violent video games and real violence in society are inversely proportional. This is proven, with real evidence.  The games act as a catharsis to get the aggression out of people’s systems. So the German politicians are taking the opposite action necessary to solve their problems. They need to read Grand Theft Childhood.

Thus far you have heard before. Now here is a lovely twist. In Germany if a petition gets more than 50,000 signatures the government is forced into a review. The government there is trying to ban violent video games. And now they are facing a petition with 68,000 signatures against this ban. Nice one.

If you like petitions here is my Stop Shark Slaughter petition with over 2,000 signatures.

Thanks to the Guardian for the original story.