The politically correct lot will have kittens

Watch our behind you, Hunter

Actually this game has been available since 2002, but only now is gaining notoriety.

Watch out behind you, Hunter, a free to play Flash game, was written by Frenchman Stéphane Aguie and is hosted by the Georgian website Uzinagaz (and lots of other places on the interweb). The aim of the game is to kill homosexuals. And if you fail they rape you.

Jean Christophe Calvet, who owns the website, says that his games are not politically correct and are aimed at the adolescent sense of humour. Watch out behind you, Hunter is supposedly a mockery of rednecks and hunters, not of homosexuals.

Obviously this has a whole lot of liberals complaining loudly. And a whole lot on game forums having a good laugh. Someone should tell Keith Vaz about it, he is just starting 12 weeks holiday so this will give him something to think about.

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  1. i tried to play this game, enjoyed its dark sense of humor but really creeps me out when you are caught by those butt naked twinks…

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