Evony. Very interesting Youtube video

Another Evony boobs advert

Well, I must say that I am amazed at this. Someone has put a lot of time and money into forensically examining the truth behind Evony. And Evony’s lies are exposed open for everyone to see.

You can view the video here.

Download this video in full high quality free and distribute (no copyright on it) : http://www.tffusa.com/evony.wmv


  1. very interesting cant wait for evony’s piss poor response

  2. Full commendations to EvonyFraud for dedicating the time to produce such an illuminating video documentary. There is a lot of content in this video for a little over 7 minutes viewing time. Well done.

    Once again this highlights an important issue, namely some media bodies appear afraid of reporting proxy Chinese companies like Evony; the exception of course being the Guardian (UK) and ABC Radio (AU). Because legal action has been served on the Guardian I can appreciate their current standpoint, indeed I believe their representative made the point quite well in the ABC Radio interview. I would hope that their legal team fully appreciates the significance of this story as well.


  3. Interesting video indeed. This Eric Lam must have absolutely nothing better to do. I’m pulling for you, Bruce.

  4. Interesting video, I think it loses a lot of it’s punch by complaining about gambling at the enough though. I fail to see what that has to do with anything else mentioned.

  5. Now lets see if it matters.

  6. Wow… now we’re seeing something really interesting.
    Bruce, you really need to download this video before its disappear and use in court. They already set a date for the court?

    (learning english)

  7. This is great – though I’d caution on using Wilmington, DE as holding any meaning. That is the location of the LLC registration agent, and you’ll find that nearly every corporation registered in DE has the same city listing.

  8. Yup. The Wilmington stuff is pointless and weakens the argument severely.

  9. I found this site completely by accident and I wish I found it sooner. I already spent $5 just to test it out and now I’m a little worried about how that is going to come out on my credit card…

  10. This video starts out very well, but ultimately degenerates into an unsupported rant at the end. The heavy reliance on things happening in Wilmington is also spurious. I don’t doubt that Evony is up to something but it’s going to take much more concrete evidence than this video offers to prove it.

  11. A lot of companies are registered in DE. This is just one additional link together. Both from Guangzhou, same Inc. agent, Same name servers, same owner owning a domain on Evony.com IP, ect. I don’t see anything wrong with piling on more evidence to the already massive evidence. Unless you know a lot of WoW gold selling companies from Guangzhou that are hosted on the same name servers, domains by proxy, with an owner to link them together, as Evony (Also from Guangzhou)? Sure, by itself it means nothing, but again – it is just yet one more way to link TWO together.

  12. Well I don’t see how 7 seconds out of 7 minutes on Delaware is a heavy reliance on it, if anything it only adds to it.

  13. The Delaware stuff is absolutely meaningless. aCorporations are regularly registered in Delaware because it has very favorable corporate laws. As per the website link, “Almost half of all corporations listed on the New York Stock Exchange are incorporated in Delaware”; If I were looking to incorporate a company in the US, that’s probably where I’d go; and I’d use a company like The Company Corporation to do it, hence the shared address. Either the video creator doesn’t know this or they’re wilfully omitting the fact to try to make the link seem more significant than it really is, i.e. not at all.

  14. @Darice – You are probably fine unless you signed up for a subscription service.

    @Mark & Biff & Bran – I think there is quite a bit of evidence such as the fact that someone owning Accountsale also has domains physically hosted on Evony. I think the DE part was only a few seconds and yes I still think it is suspicious that two companies from guangzhou use the some obscure Incorporation service in DE.

    @Leandro I already downloaded it too just in case they try to censer the internet even more.

    @JZVS I would keep an eye out for them changing things in the video as a poor attempt to cover it up, maybe we can expect 321wan or the evony home page to change soon. I did see a new post on their BBS forum saying to expect downtime while the main page is going through some changes.

  15. Really great video. I think many of the complaints aimed are ones caused simply by the video being short on time. I know many of the points they skipped over quickly could be made into entire videos.

    Glad to see more evidence backing you up 🙂

  16. I tend to monitor YouTube for interesting material. A few months ago there was a video done by an Australian who was talking about Evony. He explained how amazing it was. It was a memorable video because two or three YouTuber’s posted it for themselves and made a few unpleasant remarks about him and called him a few unpleasant names; clearly they did not agree with his comments on Evony.

    I notice with interest that this person is back, this time under the name of “Netsherriff.” However, this time things are different, his new YouTube is all about Bruce Everiss and what he calls “The Robin Hood factor.”

    The claims made in this about Bruce Everiss’ Fighting Fund is merely an attempt at obtaining the figures. In law the finances behind any legal action determines the extent to which a person will go in any action. This means it would be unwise of Bruce Everiss to inform those that are supporting it what is currently standing at and how much it is growing. Mature people tend to employ better strategies, like allowing their accounts to be audited. Something Evony can avoid if it has no real address. As a former accountant it is an extremely weak claim to make against Bruce Everiss. I am quite sure the figures will be revealed, but this would not be appropriate until after the case and any counter claim is heard.

    Here is the YouTube link. In addition to this a former journalist has kindly provided a transcript for the readers here, because it may just be the Assist version of Evony Strikes Back.


    Evony com Bruce on Games and Cowboys like Robinhood

    Hey fellow gamers, I wanted to talk to you today about Evony.com, Bruce Everiss, and the Robin Hood factor, that’s what I like to call it anyway. Look, most people will know that, would have heard of evony.com, it’s been right through the internet, it’s been one of the largest Adsense campaigns ever seen. The result has been millions, its estimated that 5 million plus users have visited evony.com and signed up for an account for this browser-based, real-time strategy game. Now, I think that if you look at Evony at a basic level, look, it’s harmless. It’s the basic browser game that you can play for free if you want. If you want to take it to the next level you can pay some money and you get some advanced features basically. That’s what it is. It is a simple browser game.

    But it seems that it’s owned by a guy that has links to World of Warcraft gold-selling. Now, ok, its not the ideal background. Most people who play the game don’t really care. It’s not a biggie. But this is where the guy, Bruce Everiss, comes in. Now, Bruce Everiss runs a blog called bruceongames.com. This guy’s an old-timer. He’s been around a long time. His blog’s almost small-time. It’s not a massively followed blog. It’s only been around a couple of years. But, basically for some reason, this Bruce Everiss guy has got it in for Evony. Ever since Evony released in May of this year, or went official in May of this year, this Bruce Everiss has made it his life’s mission to destroy the game. Now, if you check out his blog over on bruceongames.com, he pretty much takes a negative view on any game he reviews. So, its probably a case of gaming houses have to pay him, or bribe him basically, to give a positive review. He seems like a pretty negative kind of guy. But anyway, for some reason he’s gone after Evony. They probably didn’t pay him enough money in the first instance. But he’s gone after Evony pretty badly. He’s gone into forums, he’s used fake names, he’s slandered Evony in every corner of the internet. So Evony got a bit frustrated with this, so they’ve formed a company, and they’ve sued this Bruce Everiss guy for libel or defamation. Well, this is where this Bruce Everiss guy from the bruceongames.com blog has gone into overdrive. Now, get this. The guy’s set up an option on his blog site for his readers to donate money to him for the fighting fund. So, we’ve got a guy criticising Evony for it’s shady background, that’s rattling the jar and taking money from his readers with no transparency at all for a so-called fighting fund, so that’s the first concern.

    Now secondly, any reader or viewer to this Bruce’s website that makes a comment in a positive light regarding Evony has their comment deleted or moderated before it ever hits the surface. And the latest thing has been this Everiss guy has paid professional video editing houses to make these Youtube viral videos absolutely smashing Evony and basically making the game out to be a malware-infected, problem-causing, money-stealing game that’s run by the Chinese mafia. So, I don’t see how a harmless little browser game could be so evil. But, what I think is more scary is that the internet is so full of cowboys that you’ve got this guy, bruceongames.com, in some people’s eyes as a bit of a white knight. Some people who don’t like the Evony ads are sort of looking to this Everiss. And it’s a bit of a Robin Hood or Pied Piper effect. This old-timer is basically gathering speed, collecting money along the way, and putting together Youtube videos that he hopes will go viral and destroy Evony.com. So it’s an amazing situation, and one that many people on the internet are watching. That’s you’ve got a potentially shady online game or shady owners of an online game being attacked by probably just as shady a blogger that’s trying to make money out of the limelight while he fires barbs over the fence. So, as I said everyone is watching with interest. So are we. We’d love to see or love to hear your comments. Have you played evony.com? Have you been watching old man Bruce’s tirade against it? And what about those videos – those Youtube videos. It’s like something out of a Top Gun thriller with the 1604 military time commentary and looking into the Chinese mafia links of some harmless online game. But, it all makes for amazing listening and watching as I said. Stay safe. Don’t give your money to anyone on the internet, ok. That might be online games houses, it might be old guys such as Bruce pretending to be a white knight. Don’t give your money to anyone. Stay safe, people. Happy gaming.

  17. I wonder how long it will take before it leads you to a page saying ‘This video has been removed due to a copyright claim by Evony LLC. 0_o

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