The game market is very quiet


Sales are slumped in the game market worldwide. And it is not the recession. It is the stupid lemming like industry insistence on releasing most major titles in Q4. So here in the UK, for instance, Wii Fit has been number one for the last seven weeks. This is ridiculous

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  1. Dont you know bruce? Summer is when us Brits go away on holiday and try to spend some “quality time” with our dysfunctional families . . . . . . . . . Oh no wait, were all skint because of this credit crunch, and some people don’t even know if they are going to be in work this time next year . . . . . . . Oh well, seeing as Im staying in alot more I may as well boot up COD or WoW (choose your poison depending on your gaming allegience and snobbery) . . . . . . .Again. Rather that than go out and buy the usual hash of unimaginative game-movie-tie-in that the industry insists on shoving down our throats this time of year . . . . . . .

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