Sims 3 pirated


So the Sims 3 is available to steal online two weeks before it is in the shops. This is one of Electronic Arts’ major releases of the year and has cost many millions to make. Not only that, EA, in response to previous customer protests, have removed DRM from the title.

Society really has got to sort this out, not only for games. Our world is becoming increasingly knowledge based, tens of millions of jobs are now dependent on this thriving sector. But if people do not get rewarded for their labours and instead have their work stolen from them then we are in big trouble.

We are experiencing the biggest glut of theft in the history of humanity thanks to the internet. And every single one of us is losing out as a result, because of the work and creativity that people would have done but haven’t.


  1. what a shame ! them thieves should be ashamed of themselfs !

  2. show me a creative game released by a big company in the last 5 years.

    if i see a game i really like i buy it. eventually game companies will have to make good games to get money for them. then we’ll see who’s in it for making good games and who just wants to get more money by releasing another increment of the same game they did a year ago.

  3. Your attitude on this problem is utter stupidness. If everyone pirates games then the only way companies can make money is if they put adverts in their games. Imagine playing Fifa and at half time you have to watch a nike advert, it’ll destroy the moment of the game.

    As for your view on creativity you really should try Spore, Assassing Breed, de blob. 3 great but when very different games which I have throughly enjoyed.

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