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  1. So PC gaming is dead and it’s all because of piracy …

    …huh, what? It’s not? $11 billion turnover. Quarter of billion PC useds for games.

    You heard it here last.

  2. BC you are obviously confused.
    Let me explain.
    There are different kinds of games and different business models for those games.
    On the PC, games that use subscriptions, advertising and micropayments are prospering. Because there is no piracy.
    Games sold boxed at retail (especially those with a no online element) are pretty much finished. Wiped out by piracy.

    I suggest that you go and read a few of my earlier articles where this is all explained in clear English.
    Try these:

  3. Interesting how the Germans are scapegoating gaming as a result of that school shooting. Of course, they’re missing the real culprit completely. That culprit is, of course, BREAD! Check out http://www.snopes.com/food/warnings/bread.asp and you’ll see what I mean. I bet the guy who did that shooting was a bread user…

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