October 2008

Xbox 360 looking better and better in Japan

People said that Microsoft would never succeed in Japan with the Xbox 360 because the Japanese only bought their own consumer electronics. These people, obviously have no explanation for the phenomenal […]

More religious stupidity

Regular readers here will remember the stupidity of the Church of England when Manchester Cathedral was featured in a video game. They completely over reacted and got on their high […]

Barak Obama is using in game advertising in his campaign for president. It would be nice to think that at long last we have a senior politician that understands games. […]

I am a great fan of Steve Wozniak so it was great too see this interview in The Telegraph where he talks very sensibly about Apple, the iPhone, tech share […]

I’m off for a week of cave diving. If I can find time and a connected computer I will try and write articles. Otherwise there may be gaps.