October 2008

Secondhand games, worse than piracy?

As an essential part of keeping in touch with the realities of the industry I frequently go and have a look round specialist video game stores. And there are always a number […]

Here comes 100 Mbit/s broadband

Currently the gold standard for home broadband connections in much of the world is ADSL. This uses existing copper wires and allows a maximum download speed somewhere in the range […]

New Nintendo DS, the DSi: It is 12 percent thinner than the DS Lite, due to the absence of a Game Boy cartridge slot. The two screens are bigger, up to 3.25 inches from 3 […]

The stock exchange is stupid

Due to a mixture of government incompetence, financial market greed and consumer stupidity (in that order) we are now suffering a global financial correction. These happen periodically as part of a […]