Eight news stories 16.10


  1. I’m pretty sure it’s spelt Barack.

    It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t personally understand games, as long as he’s willing to employ people and listen to people who does.

    Savvy beats Maverick.


    I can’t help but point out that Fallout 3 was released early by piracy on 360. The only thing stopping people from pirating so much on consoles is that not everyone has a mod-chip …yet.

    In the last-generation they were widely available on all machines about halfway into their lifespan, and because console games have no copy protection they were (of course) easier to copy, but I didn’t see the downfall of the console industry.

    I think the thing to take away from the article you linked to is that piracy is unavoidable, and steps should be taken to stop casual copying between friends, but not so much that it annoys the majority of people who bought the thing because it’s going to end up being cracked by determined people anyway.

    Not every pirated game is a lost sale. But every lost sale due to DRM is. I’d rather have 70% of a lot, than 100% of little.

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