October 2008

Beatles For Sale

  Seems like I got it wrong yesterday. The players are the same: Harmonix, MTV and the Beatles. The story is somewhat different. Rather than just featuring as another band […]

  Sony go “open platform” with their PS2 in that there is now no need to get content approval. They are also going for a global approvals system and allowing […]

The Registered Player Service

Over 7 years ago now I was involved in the global marketing of the game Operation Flashpoint for the PC at Codemasters. This game had a couple of expansion packs, Red […]

Ubisoft first half year report

I don’t usually put much effort into reporting company results, but these Ubisoft ones help to illustrate a few points. They show how global publishers are these days, the degree […]

How many Xbox 360s will ship Q4 2008?

Obviously Microsoft know the answer to this one because they have already decided their manufacture numbers. We can only guess. So lets look what happened in the last two years. […]

Huge British retailer rocks the industry

HMV (His Master’s Voice) was a large British record label that morphed into becoming the largest high street entertainment retailer in the UK. Their annual turnover is around £2 billion and […]

Xbox fanboys run amok. I have written on here before about fanboys and their uncontrolled and childish online behaviour. Now they are targeting Metacritic. LittleBigPlanet has a Metacritic of 95% […]