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  1. With regards to the quality of software and metacritic. I tend to use the user scores as a guide rather than the critics scores, as they are harder to fix. If it’s getting good user scores then you know that it is good because people have paid for the games and will not hold back on their criticism.

    I think that most of the big games review sites are biassed, because they are dependant on advertising from the companies whose products they are reviewing Look at the whole Kane and Lynch / Gamespot fiasco at the end of last year.

    I listen to the 1up podcasts (GFW Radio and 1up Yours) and they have spoken about the pressure from games publisher to give good reviews. They are no longer receiving copies of ubisoft games because they didn’t like some of the reviews they were getting.

    As far as print reviews go I only buy one magazine these days and that’s Edge. More for the articles than the reviews though.

    Oh and if anyone has a Wii I can heartily recommend Boom Blox. It’s very enjoyable, it’s even stopped me playing GTA on my PS3 for the past couple of nights.

  2. I’ve stopped reading reviews and just keep an eye on (good) games forums. Edge isn’t worth bothering with now with the standard of the articles dropping heavily from it’s old best.

    I just got Boom Blox in the post today. Looking forward to it. When will the work day end?!??

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