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  1. To be honest, I think Mattrick has put a little spin on the announcement regarding “unique” and “exclusive” for Grand Theft Auto. He’s previously mentioned the Microsoft XBox 360 version of GTA IV will have a “unique” multiplayer experience. What does that mean? Unique to XBox Live? Because Rock* have confirmed both formats are multiplayer. All I’m aware of is exclusive downloadable “episodes” (single player missions I presume) for the XBox 360 version.

    Mattrick chose his words very cleverly with regard GTA IV.

  2. Yes. I read what Mattrick said and what Rockstar said very carefully. And the two statements are perfectly compatible with each other. Both platforms are going to get multiplayer, it is just that Microsoft are going to get more. As you say this is going to be something they have come up with for Live.
    Whatever, Microsoft are trying to spin the GTA IV launch their way. Though I hear rumours that pre orders are favouring PS3 two to one.

  3. I had a different reaction to Microsoft’s comments about the GTA IV launch. I sense that Microsoft is a bit desperate for a “victory” of some sort with GTA because of the growing momentum of the PS3. I suspect that if the Xbox 360 could not score a knock-out victory against the PS3 in 2007 (when the PS3 had little to offer) then no single game is going to be able to deliver a “decisive” victory to the 360 in 2008 now that the PS3 is starting to deliver.

  4. Hi Evan. It is interesting that currently there are very few 360s in the shops. Microsoft completely underestimated demand and everywhere is sold out. I hope they get it sorted by the GTA IV launch.

    I think Microsoft have a few cards up their sleeves and a few tens of millions of dollars of budget to spend on GTA IV. It was a key Sony franchise and Microsoft want to win as much of it over to them as possible.

    I also think that Microsoft are going to get very agressive on price and I see a Halo 3 bundle coming soon. If these coincide with the GTA IV launch it would shake the market up.

    And yes, the PS3 is looking a bit more solid now.

  5. Microsoft are certainly in an advantageous position for pricing their hardware, although do gamers look at the long term regarding their console? The PS2 is still selling massively given it’s age. The PS3 supposedly has a 10 year cycle whereas the follow up to the XBox 360 is due around 2010 according to analysts.

    It will be a hard choice for gamers tbh. Buy an XBox 360 now at a cheaper price and upgrade in 2010, or buy a PS3 and upgrade in approx 10 years (if Sony are telling the truth).

  6. Hello Bruce. Your points are good. I am hoping that the growing strength of the PS3 will encourage Microsoft to be more creative going forward. Tactical moves, such as price reductions and bundles, are helpful, but it seems that Microsoft needs something more dramatic and exciting than that in 2008. Of course, the good news for Microsoft is that it has the cash to make some interesting moves — it should be a fun year.

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