May 2008

News Corporation, famously, were unique amongst the big Holywood studios/global media companies in having no game publishing presence. Despite the fact that gaming, inevitably, will grow to be bigger than […]

What is going wrong at the ESA?

Every trade or industry needs it’s own association. Around 1979/1980 I was involved in founding the Computer Retailer Association in the UK for an industry that had only just been […]

Wii Fit drops out of the UK top 40 from number two the previous week. Nobody saw this coming, an almost unprecedented sales collapse. Was this supply constrained or is […]

Jack Thompson is a rabid, self publicist American lawyer who has made a reputation (and presumably money) for himself by a continued attack on video games, often using mistruths and deception to […]

Wii cracked with no hardware mods

Victories are inevitable in the technology war between platform holder and hacker/pirate. No matter how clever the former are the latter will always catch up. This has always been so. Once […]

British politics, don't cheer too soon

The Conservatives have just won the Crewe and Nantwich by-election from Gordon Brown’s Labour party with a huge 17.6% swing. This is massively good news as it presages our getting rid […]