February 2008

Success factors in game marketing #1

  You should never market two games in the same way, to do so is to totally misunderstand what you are doing. Each game is an individual that needs loving care. […]

Creative Britain: New Talents for a New Economy. The British culture secretary Andy Burnham thinks that computer games are a good thing. Unfortunately his boss, Gordon Brown, thinks that they […]

The next console generation #2 Handhelds

  If anything handhelds are more interesting than home consoles. They are undergoing rapid technical change, there are more companies involved and everything happens at a more rapid pace. Also […]

Does John Riccitiello read this blog?

  On November 29, at the Reuter’s Media Summit John Riccitiello said: “Is it ripe (for mergers), or has it already been picked? I would argue that it’s been largely picked.” So […]

I am going away again

  This time I’m going to Spain, back in the office on 10th March. Articles have been written in advance (except for news). They are: 26.2 The next console generation #2 […]

Repercussions from the Blu-ray victory

  A winner emerged from this tussle far earlier than was expected. Mainly because the PS3 was used as a Trojan horse to get Blu-ray drives into homes. This cost Sony […]

Product quality

  I remember once, when I was Head of Corporate Affairs at Codemasters, I had my regular monthly meeting with Jim, Richard and David Darling and the managing director, Nick Wheelwright in […]