January 2008

Nintendo reassures third-party publishers. There has been a lot of talk in the development community that only Nintendo can make money out of the Wii. Nintendo don’t want to lose third […]

Is the AAA games business doomed?

  The gold standard in the games industry is currently the AAA blockbuster console title. An investment of perhaps $10-20 million or even more from a big publisher on a big team over […]

The GTA IV hype machine

For Microsoft this is their biggest play in this generation’s war against Sony. They paid a lot of money ($50 million?) to get several episodes of exclusive content for the Xbox 360 version […]


It is inevitable really. The Wii gesture controller can involve far more athleticism in gameplay than the joypads of non gesture interface gaming platforms. Add to that the addictive quality […]

Are we headed for free gaming?

  The internet allows so much competition for everything that prices drop to zero. When I was young rich kids had an Encyclopedia Britannica at home which cost a lot […]

Electronic Arts pushes ad-backed video games. This is important stuff, the business model for boxed PC games is broken because of piracy. So now EA are giving Battlefield Heroes away […]

Game industry management

  I have covered this subject on here before but recent events have brought it once more into focus. Basically the history of management in the British video game industry is a […]