It is inevitable really. The Wii gesture controller can involve far more athleticism in gameplay than the joypads of non gesture interface gaming platforms. Add to that the addictive quality of games that sometimes has people playing for longer than they ought. Then the competitive nature of gaming. Then older and less fit players not wanting to be shown up by younger generations. And you have a recipe for problems.

Of course people will learn as this becomes more of a part of popular culture. But in the meantime it is giving the popular press a field day for articles and has even led to the creation of websites  cataloguing people’s Wii stupidity. Imagine what is going to happen when there are a few million balance boards out there.

All this is good for the gaming industry. It has the real world talking about us. And the only negativity is people’s own stupidity. Which is a universal factor of life anyway.


  1. It’s also a much more favourable focus than the latest ‘scorned gamers invade Amazon after psychologist berates Mass Effect on Fox News’ story, which didn’t exactly put gamers in a particularly mature light.

  2. The biggest problem with Wiidiots is that regular users like myself now have to sit through two, three instruction screens of how to use a Wiimote, when we start up and when we run a game, cover our devices in ugly rubber condoms and be constantly reminded to use the straps. Can’t they just have one general message saying “don’t be a twat!” when you buy the console and let evolution take care of itself?

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