January 2008

The HD tipping point

  This has to be the biggest event in this generation of consoles. The point when 130 million (150 million if you include Wii) owners of old generation consoles decide […]

SCi resignations

  Regular readers here will be well aware that in global IP publishing there are enormous economies of scale. These infer a great competitive advantage on big publishers. This is […]

Industry organisations in the UK #2

  The second industry organisation in the UK is TIGA, which stands for Independent Games Developers Trade Association. Once again it isn’t what it says it is with publishers, non independent […]

PS3 production cost halved with the 40GB model. It is these reductions on the Microsoft Xbox 360 as well as on the Sony PS3 that will be essential for the […]

  It seems that one of the defining attributes of the current generation of consoles will be the very large number of homes that have two of them. Mainly because the […]