Sex in video games #1


If you read a James Bond book you will know that our eponymous hero certainly gets his sex in. This is the case in most literature unless it is written for children. Then there is specific erotic literature which is pretty much non stop sex. Then there is literature with every sort of kink and perversion that you can possibly imagine. All done without any age ratings. It seems to be that sex is what people want to read about.


What works with books is also pretty true of the film industry. Except for the age ratings. Pornography is massively popular and has stars like Jenna Jameson (above) who are internationally famous.

Even the popular music industry seems centred on lyrics that have sex as their main preoccupation. Sometimes very explicitly, which can lead to a parental advisory sticker on the packaging.

Then you come to the game industry and, when it comes to sex, it is a puritanical wasteland. You really would think that babies were delivered by storks. It is patently obvious that this is a ridiculous situation. All the other media are obviously giving the public what the public want. And we aren’t. Yet we have advantages, such as interactivity and connectivity that mean we should be able to do this whole sex thing a lot better than they can.

Part of this is down to our industry’s heritage of entertaining adolescent males. They obviously aren’t interested in sex! It is strange with this audience that you cannot be seen to be giving them what they want. Everybody knows that one of the main consumers of adult magazines is not , in fact, adults.

Another restriction on the development of content is the approval process of the platform holders. This really holds the industry back in many ways by narrowly limiting the sorts of games they will allow. Graphically killing other human beings with a knife is OK. Encountering a ladies hockey team wearing only smiles is not OK. This is very, very silly and fails totally to treat adults as adults. I would much prefer the hockey team encounter.


So do you think we should grow up and give our customers what they want? Or are you happy with a diet of violence and sport?


  1. I used to coach a ladies’ hockey team. They never showed me any photos like that!

  2. I totally agree, I am a 40 year old PS3 gamer and think it is pathetic that this medium is treated so differently. I want to see interactive ***** deep action available on my favorite console I’d also like to see more eroticism generally in games. Plenty of games have a minimum 18 age restriction anyway and i don’t just want to see women with big cartoon breasts, i want **** ***** ******** and **** of men too.

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