A couple of really good websites

These days we have an information explosion and it is difficult to keep up. In fact it is remarkably easy to totally miss something of importance to only find out months later. To help there are metasites like Google news and Digg that sort through everything to tell you what is important.

But now we have a further step up the evolutionary tree, a metasite of metasites. With a load of other important sites thrown in for good measure. It is called popurls and it really is rather neat.

Now this can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing. It is a good thing in that you can get a view of the web in minutes that previously would have taken possibly hours. The bad thing is that it presents you so many juicy stories, so many opportunities for knowledge, that the temptation is always there to drill down for more detail. And then you find that you have lost a day!

The second site is something we have desperately needed. Basically the rate of change has become so fast that many people you work with have missed out on various whole lumps of technology. Countless times I have had to explain what a wiki is, or a blog, or bluetooth or whatever. And of course there are gaps in my own knowledge. And I don’t know where they are until, embarrassingly, I need them.

So  Wired Magazine’s Geekipedia is a brilliant idea. They describe it as: People, Places, Ideas and Trends You Need To Know Now. I wish this had been around to get people to use in the past. And reading it has certainly filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge. This really is something you can point the people you work with at so that everyone is up to speed.

So do you know anything as useful as these. If so why don’t you use the comments to tell us?