November 2007

Casual hardcore is possible

We are living at a time of enormous and profound change in video gaming. You have heard it all before, possibly on here. Our former audience of hardcore single young […]

UAE government buys into Sony. Another $500 million for the Sony war-chest. Added to money from the recently announced sell offs as they cut back to their core businesses. Sony are gearing […]

Wii mania

For the last two weeks the PS3 has outsold the Wii in Japan. Now a lot of this is down to Sony introducing a cheaper version of the PS3. But the […]

Jade Raymond

I have said before that gaming needs more celebrities. It is just so obvious that people relate to other people far better than they relate to anything else. So by […]

I am starting to like the French!

  I remember a time when people didn’t buy consoles. They bought home computers made by firms like Atari, Commodore and Sinclair. These were great general purpose machines that had […]

Goodbye Atari?

  One of the grand old names of computer gaming (their logo even appeared in the film Bladerunner) seems to be in a terminal condition. With Q2 losses of $7.7 million on […]

Eight news stories 22.11

Sony improves PS3 development tools and reduce devkit costs. About time too. The PS3 is the most difficult console to develop for, ever, and Sony have not looked after the […]