1. Will Watts

    “Also Palm…”
    Treo is not an operating system; it is/was Palm’s brand of phone. Although some Treo units ran Windows Mobile, most ran PalmOS. However Palm abandoned this line last year, and uses neither of those OSes on its current offerings. Modern Palm machines – the Pre and the Pixi – run a Palm’s Linux derivative called webOS. Clearly they need to publicise it more…

  2. @Will

    Thanks for the extra information and getting the facts right.

  3. Trevelyan

    From a gamer point of view; will I get achievement points from games on this thing? From an indie dev point of view, can I make XBL indie games for it?

    If someone has a mobile that can access their live account, they should be able to buy games, “apps”, whatever. I wanna learn more!

  4. don’t forget meego being pushed by Intel and Nokia ๐Ÿ˜€

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