1. steve

    quote : ” Sony have a strong and powerful strategy in place for the Playstation PS3 as a 3D gaming device. If they are quick and decisive they can at long last give themselves a competitive advantage over the Xbox 360. ” ..end quote

    i see the point you’re making bruce, but i dare to question the time frame somewhat.

    (having worked in the engineering and manufacturing industry for a couple of decades i’m gonna chip in my 2 pence/cents worth)

    heres what i’m thinking,..

    1) bearing in mind the rd-design and re-tooling costs, are sony and microsoft going to take a step “back” to take a step forward and re-tool existing product lines ?
    =(e.g. fit the new 3D tech into existing consoles and “brand it as “new” ? would need some heavy marketing to get people to buy something the customers may feel they already have..ie, i’ve got a xbox360, why would i want a new one just for 3D? )…you’d be able to explain that one better than i could bruce.

    2) would they risk waiting for their next generation consoles , (playstation 4 /xbox 720? ) and risk competitors getting in first?
    i’m guessing thats unlikely in sony’s case , and am not sure with regards to microsoft and nintendo – but i’ll hazard a guess not…first company to release to the stores is likely to get the biggest market share.

    or 3) are we going to see a “hybrid” of the tech.
    ie… the big 3 , microsoft/nintendo/sony taking the existing “components” from inside the current generation of consoles, adding whatever components are needed to adapt them to 3D gameplay, and re-packaging them into a new console “shell” (box) and them selling/marketing them as a “new ” machine , until the next gen consoles are ready to roll off the production lines in a couple of years time? ….if so expect to see..

    “Xbox 3-D-60” (xbox 3d60 / or “3D60” )

    “Playstation 3D”

    and “Nintendo Wii-D” (Wii-3D)

    coming to a store near you in the near future.

    i’d hedge my bets , but i might just put Β£5.00 on the third option to win … think how sony released the PS2 “slim” a few years after the PS2.
    (round about the time where sales were dropping due to market saturation of PS2’s if i recall)

    (current time , 11pm , wed 13th Jan 2010)

    hehe πŸ˜€

  2. steve

    okay ? so the ” ” loses the text inside ?

    i timestamped just in case any corporate exec reads this(and above post) and hasn’t trade marked the above console names yet,

    in which case they are WELCOME TO SEND ME A CHEQUE FOR A LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY.. to reliquish any IP i may have to those above names for consoles..

    i’ll even cut you in for 5% if you want to haggle a good price out of nintendo/M-soft/sony for me πŸ˜€ hehehe

  3. I agree with many of these points, Bruce, but am still far from convinced 3D presents sufficient benefit for consumers. Nearly all the content I’ve seen specifically programmed for 3D is of the ‘because we can’ variety (like arrows sticking out in Avatar) and don’t actually enhance the viewing experience IMO.

    Sony are always looking for a new angle to crow about leading the pack, but the truth is they’ve so far failed dismally with Blu-ray, to add to their long list, and their commercial arrogance and desire to dominate will cloud their judgement, and actions, for some time to come.

    Also, and I’m probably alone here, but the glasses give me a headache. That’s interim tech, of course, but I’m going to take a lot of convincing to ever buy into it.

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