1. Hmm, reading this I just got an insight.

    It wont be one game that kills WoW but dozens. Just like the Ford model T created a mass market for cars, WoW has created a mass market for MMOs.

    So it stands to reason that the NEXT big step will something similar to GM’s strategy of many brands, catering to specific “lifestyles”. The one game fits all will disappear.

  2. Accuracy?

    A little off there. Although I don’t disagree with the point behind this article, a few of the stats are off. Runescape only has 1-2 million active players because of the multiple accounts problem wheres WoW dwarves many of these games at 11.5 million active ACCOUNTS. At one to a player, the actual statistics make it much larger than other games. Same thing, Maplestory is advertising over 80 million accounts when they have about 1.8% of that amount, from people quitting.

  3. Lucas

    What do you think about the free fps “Combat Arms” from nexon?

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