1. philip

    i guess your right, things are moving really, really fast nowadays. I was really impressed with natal and the big capacbilities that lays just around the conrener. Voice and face recognition, emotion reconing by tone of voice and face scannning is really quite something.

    interactivity is now possible! tha’ts really cool!

    thereby full body recognition and no more controller issiues is really big. I hope that it works well and that they can create a lot of innotive games with a lot of depth.

    it’s getting even more interesting then i thought!

  2. Pubs & Devs whine cause PSP is pirated? — Like it’s the only one. Like one famous console doesn’t know what R4 means.

    iPhones and Androids eat PSPs and DSes at breakfast? — they’re not console games, they don’t have proper ergonomics. PSP Go is not perfect, but it’s certainly closer to a portable gaming machine that those things that should remain what they were intended for: passing calls.

    And I think we carry enough tracking devices with us these days to tie video gaming to another excuse to be mapped on some satellite grid. No thanks.

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