We must have a ton of paper in our house in the form of books. Some great literature, my wife’s degree materials, the libraries for my hobbies such as SCUBA […]

I have said previously that the netbook and mobile phone markets are converging at some speed. And here is some further evidence of that convergence, Nokia’s first PC, the Booklet […]

We need a PC App Store

The Apple iPhone App Store has revolutionised IP publishing over the last year and a bit. Tens of thousands of apps, billions of downloads. A business model that is so […]

As you can tell, I am enjoying this! The first article on Trends showed some delightful insight, let’s see what more we can find out. Android has come from nowhere […]

Google developing PC operating system

So Google have announced that they are taking on Microsoft directly with what will initially be a simple operating system for low end PCs, an area where Microsoft are particularly […]