Queen of Evony competition

This was actually very good marketing. In fact better than some legitimate MMOs manage. The thing they did wrong is not to have a King of Evony competition as well. […]

I just had a chat with a 12 year old who has been playing Runescape for a couple of years. Currently, in his summer holiday, he is playing it for […]

More on the Chinese game industry

I have received yet another interesting email which gives a lot of insight into what is happening here. It sounds fascinating and exciting and I am sure they will have […]

You can see the film making skills of Lucas Arts here, this trailer must have cost a fortune to make. But well worth it, Star Wars: Knights of the Republic […]

About Empire Craft

I received this very interesting email: Dear Bruce, Greetings from Megan Liu, head of Overseas Business Department of Oak Pacific Interactive (OPI). I joined OPI just over one week ago […]

Is Evony malware?

When you play a browser based game a number of things are happening. The game itself is running in a big remote computer, all your machine is doing is displaying […]