The best game trailer ever?

You can see the film making skills of Lucas Arts here, this trailer must have cost a fortune to make. But well worth it, Star Wars: Knights of the Republic could well be the game to usurp World of Warcraft from the MMORPG top spot and so earn billions. But, remember, plenty have failed already trying to do this. And many think that the future is free to play MMOs and that the monthly subscription model will soon be history.

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  1. The trailer wasn’t Lucas Arts, they contracted it out and this was the winning bid. Bioware is pulling out all the stops; if you will pardon the expression, there is no-one to stop them, this time.

    Perhaps this will earn the top spot after release, perhaps not. However, if you look at SW:TOR’s forums you will see the normal bickering, the usual rivalries forming and players flaming each-other. Except this time, its in character. Fans are already feeling like they are in the game, much before the release. That, I think, is no small success.

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