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The Bible Vs video games

  Despite what some ignorant politicians and journalists might tell you, video games are fairly bland when it comes to how “adult” their content is. In fact they are usually […]

Daily Mail. Another fail

It is well established that the Daily Mail does not understand video games, which puts them at some distance from their readers who mostly do. The Daily Mail and it’s […]

Here Keith Vaz is in the House of Commons whingeing about Modern Warfare 2. It is amazing that he is not applying the same standards to books and films. Books […]

Keith Vaz is at it again

Keith Vaz’s one man crusade against video games continues. This is what happened in Parliament: Keith Vaz (Leicester, East) (Lab):What recent discussions he has had with pan-European game information on […]

Firstly let’s set out the playing field. Video gaming is really, really important. Economically it is almost certainly a £100 billion a year industry already and a single game can […]