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Brilliant news. The Digital Britain review has come out in favour of the PEGI system of game age classification, as championed on here (and the rest of the industry). And […]

Keith Vaz

As regular readers will know Keith Vaz, who is a member of parliament and chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, has been a persistent critic of video games. He […]

Video games kill children

These are lasy, simplistic shock adverts that tell a lie. The Gate agency and the three charities involved should be ashamed of themselves. All they are doing is exposing their uneducated prejudices. Everyone reading this knows just how much good video games do for children. And anyone who doesn’t should read some of the articles here on the subject.

The EU parliament like video games

Jeremy Clarkson called Gordon Brown a “one-eyed Scottish idiot” and the whole world cheered. Clarkson was probably referring to Brown’s gross mismanagement of the British economy whilst he was Chancellor […]

ELSPA grow some

ELSPA (European Leisure Software Association) is the slightly self aggrandizing name for the UK’s game publisher’s club. They work hard at scratching the surface of game counterfeiting, but their main function […]

Violent games cut crime

Yes it’s true, violent games cut crime. The exact opposite of what Hillary Clinton, Gordon Brown, Jack Thompson and a myriad of opportunist ignorant journalists have been saying. This is […]