Kingory and Kung Fu Panda

Kingory login page.

I have written on here before about Kingory. One of a number of Chinese browser MMO games that is just about identical to Evony. In other words the traditional game mechanic has been subverted to generate the maximum revenue.

I have mentioned before the plagiarism that these games often seem to have. So it is interesting to see that Kingory freely uses the image of Kung Fu Panda on their registration page. They must have a very good relationship with Paramount Pictures to have received permission for this commercial use of their IP. Or alternatively Kingory just used it. What do you think?

kingory & kung fu panda


  1. I think it’s hilarious but hope they are sued into oblivion for this blatant violation.

  2. You’ll also notice that the images of the elf, human, undead, and orc are stolen from a different (and far more legit Chinese browser game) called Heroes of Gaia.

  3. I closely inspected it. It seems that the panda on their landing page is photo-manipulated with a bigger jaw. But the Heroes of Gaia were definitely taken directly from HoG.
    By the way, the popularity of KF Panda movie often arouse conflicting feelings among the China-based entertainment business people that I met cuz they think they own the panda — it’s their national animal. They thought its their birth right to make the Panda character into their own products instead of by some Hollywood movie factory.
    The CEO of (NASDAQ:NTES, one of the largest portal in China) once commented that ironically, as a Chinese himself, he learned a lot from the KF Panda movie.

  4. Wow… Kung-Fu panda? Man, this is getting to be like those pirated Chinese NES games!

    Ironically, there’s a Kingory ad on this page right now, and it seems like they’ve gone from Kung-Fu panda to something even more Evony-like: sex appeal!
    Take a look:

  5. One of their banner ads uses official art of Street Fighter’s Chun-Li, too. Hiring artists cuts into the bottom line.

  6. If only they’d used Evil Bert

  7. Its some what Ironic that as I read this, that the page ad just happens to be for Kingory. 😀

  8. Followed by Train2Gain, uppon submision of the last post. Is this some kind of joke. 😉

  9. Check out their new site. It says ‘LIVE TO REVLOLT’
    Yes, it says revLolt.
    It also says
    Kong? Like Donkey Kong?
    Gorier? Wouldn’t that make LESS people play it?
    The background is black and red with a K. Damn Commies.
    “Based on Romance of the 3 Kingdoms”
    They admit it, that’s a first!

  10. The irony is that as I browsed through your blogs, every page had an ad from Kingory on it.

  11. Looky what I found at the bottom of Kingory’s registration page…

    RXSG (English version) Kingory developed and copyright © 2008 – 2009 JoyPort UUYX (China). P.R. China Internet Culture Business License Permit: 2005-075 All rights reserved.

    Notice the word ‘China’ Twice. Joyport UUYX, huh? I’ll dig a bit deeper on the subject.

    See you and goodluck Bruce!!

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