Game Developer Magazine top 20 game publishers

Not a Brit in sight. Criteria include a survey of 900 industry professionals, review scores and company revenue:

1. Nintendo
2. Electronic Arts
3. Activision Blizzard
4. Ubisoft
5. Take-Two
6. Sony Computer Entertainment
7. Bethesda Softworks
8. THQ
9. Square Enix
10. Microsoft
11. Konami
12. Sega
13. Capcom
14. MTV Games
15. Namco Bandai Games
16. Warner Bros. Interactive
17. Disney Interactive
18. Atari
19. Atlus
20. LucasArts


  1. No Rockstar, Codemasters or Lionhead Studios?

    Yet Atari gets on the list? Can someone name the last good game Atari made?

  2. @Steven L : because it’s a publisher list. Not a developer list.

    Oh, and Atari recently published Ghostbusters, Riddick and been working pretty close with Namco as they take over their European distribution.

    Codemasters could be on there but could you honestly say that they are bigger or better than most of the others on that list?

    What other British publishers are there? Mastertronic (chortle)? 505 games has a strong base in the UK but I think they are actually Italian.

  3. Oh yeah, and Eidos were bought out by Square Enix. The only good news about that is that a lot of their publishing focus seems to be western so it should remain fairly powerful in the UK.

  4. @Stephen:
    Rockstar games is owned by Take-Two
    Lionhead is owned by Microsoft
    Codemasters is more of a B-list developer.

  5. Codemasters is a British publisher best known for Operation Flashpoint and for racing games.

    I have gone through two spells of working there.

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