Electronic Arts and Wikipedia: Oops!

Brilliant news, this. EA have been caught out editing their entry on Wikipedia and are making weasly excuses to explain themselves. Loads of other companies have also been caught out.

It is interesting that EA chose to erase Trip Hawkins from the pages of history. This is a bit like denying your parentage. More understandable was their deletion of bad staff treatment and the resulting class action. Something they obviously want to gloss over.

To tell you the truth I would have done the same. But not left the trail of evidence. It is important at so many levels to look after the image of the company. If there is a widely used source of information, as Wikipedia is, and you can easily spin that information the way you want, then you are going to. You would be remiss not to.

I am so modest, shy and retiring that I only merit the one Wikipedia mention and I have no need to edit it because it is pretty much spot on. Of course, if it weren’t…

It was the open nature of Wikipedia that allowed EA to do the evil deed and it was the open nature of Wikipedia that found them out. Excellent justice. As a computer/technology firm they should have done it more skilfully; getting caught was a worse indictment than actually doing it.

So have you doctored Wikipedia for commercial advantage? Tell us about it, or anything else you want to say by clicking comments.