I have written on here before about the appalling personal violence in the film Waz. Well Antichrist is another shocker given an 18+ rating by the BBFC and described thus by the BBC: “as vile as you can imagine” . Stop reading now if you are at all squeamish.

“A grieving couple retreats to their cabin in the woods, hoping to repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage. But nature takes its course and things go from bad to worse.” Worse includes genital mutilation and ejaculating blood and far more. In fact in a world that is blase about film violence Antichrist is causing a bit of a stir.

Now for the delicious twist.  Former Io Interactive writer Morten (Hitman) Iversen is to design a game called  Eden, based on Antichrist. For distribution by download only. With the added feature of directly going for your own personal phobias. Something we can do with interactivity.

And no-one can complain. Because if the violence is OK for the film it must be OK for the game. Let’s see how the Daily Mail/Fox News get round this one.