Germans to ban paintball


In the aftermath of the Winnenden shootings the German government is going to ban paintball because it trivialises and encorages violence. I kid you not. On this level of brilliant logic it is fairly clear that soccer also needs to be banned, in fact any competitive sport. What I don’t understand is why they still haven’t banned table tennis. Tim Kretschmer, the perpetrator of the killings was an extremely keen tennis player who aspired to turn professional. There is a clear case of cause and effect here.

The Germans already have highly repressive video game legislation. This is based on precisely zero science, just ignorant legislators running amok. And the legislation has little effect other than to increase the popularity of mail order and internet downloads.

Of course the best way to stop shootings is to take guns away from the public, why does anyone really need a 9mm pistol, for instance? No guns = no shootings, the best solution. Especially in America.


  1. i love paintball

  2. excuse me if I may, but why exactly the fear of a 9mm handgun in particular, just the amount of ammunition or ease of firing? Although I know of no nation doing this currently, it seems reasonable that rather than ban guns one should look at specific makes and models, and determine what kind of license one needs to acquire them. Slow-loading and non-concealable firearms require the least strenuous background checks and paperwork (shotguns, rifles, revolvers), followed by concealable-but-small (3 shot max, usually derringers), then semi, then full auto, and then finally SMG/Assault Rifle variants. It has worked well for my community locally and the only shootings aside from two spousal disputes have been with stolen guns. But an outright ban is just crazy as it only puts power in the hands of criminals and ‘the law’, and as may be seen in the more ‘gun-safe’ portions of the US, that power corrupts absolutely.

  3. yeah same shits eventually gunna happen in Canada, since the cops here too dumb to tell the difference between a paintball gun and a real one, so people have sadly gotten away with robberies and shit cause they had a “gun” and they moved too fast… kinda sad eh

  4. Yeah, it worked out so well the last time that the government we the only ones allowed to be armed in Germany, why not try it again?

    I’ll bet there some people running around wearing yellow stars circa 1940 that could have found a reasonable need for a 9mm pistol.

  5. No Paintball = more real shootings from the people that used paintball as a harmless violence vessel, lol, No guns = no shootings, but no guns = 10k more robberies =P. But ya some people really shouldn’t have guns.

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