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0398 CN Postcard (May) 16.5.09

0398 CN Postcard (May) 16.5.09

Press release:

Marketing expert talks at University

The University’s ‘Creative Networks’ is hosting a talk by Bruce Everiss who will speak about his experiences in marketing and establishing two major video game companies, Imagine and Codemasters. He will be appearing at the event which is being held on Thursday 28 May at Millennium Point, Curzon Street at 6pm.

In the digital age, we are all Marketeers and, in the current challenging economic climate, finding innovative ways to promote and distribute content via new media platforms is all important.

Bruce has been involved with the home computer industry since its start in the late 1970s and his commitment to the medium has helped to establish the U.K. as one of the world’s most important software producers. Furthermore, as an internet entrepreneur and marketing expert, he has raised the industry’s profile beyond the attention of enthusiasts and into the psyche of a much wider audience.

Creative Networks was established in 2004 as a regular monthly hub of networking and expertise for creative companies and freelancers in the West Midlands. The event is free, anyone interested in attending should email or call Dave Taylor on 0121 331 7457. Alternatively, register online at