Interesting Twitter abuse

Someone is running an online hate campaign against me. Obviously he has never met me and has too much time on his hands.

But he has found an interesting way to market his campaign. He has set up a bogus Twitter account called bruceongames2 and made tweets to it pointing to websites that support his hate campaign. Then comes the clever bit. From this account he then followed the followers of my legitimate account. Each one then gets the follow notice, and then if they click through to find out why I’ve apparently started another account they get to see all his hate tweets.

My legitimate Twitter account is Bruciebabe.


  1. You should report this to Twitter and they will suspend the account.

  2. It’s pretty standard when anyone seems to make a statement against Train2Game – pure coincidence I’m sure….

    The main article on the blogspot link is a cut and paste from the one on citizenfreepress.blogspot which also has attacks against the home learning college and people who posted on the original Digital Trends thread.

  3. Hmm…could it be Evony?

  4. Agreed with first poster. If there is a report function within Twitter (I don’t have a Twitter yet) use that. In addition send an email to support detailing who you are, your blog name and purpose etc. to give them a bit of background. LOL @ your legit Twitter account too btw Bruce 😛

  5. But who could be behind it?



    A couple of days ago, on October 29th, a commenter on
    claimed to have reverse-engineered civony and found tracking software, spyware and references in the code to Lam and UMGE.

    You should try to contact him or look into it yourself. It it’s true it would help you immensely.

    We’re all rooting for you

  6. On the Evony note…

    A short while ago, I posted that I had contacted the Attorney General for NSW, with the intent of the Department looking at the case. Truthfully, I didn’t expect all that much back.

    However, as of today I received a letter in the post:
    “The Attorney General has asked me to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence dated 21/10/2009.

    The matters you raise have been noted and are presently receiving attention. A response will be provided in due course”

    That puts a lot more confidence in me about getting something of note back… that was dated 2 November, so I’ll keep an eye out for anything else.

  7. “Do Not Feed The Troll”

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