January 2009

How Britain loses quality jobs

When I was at Codemasters the Race Driver series (now Grid) and the Colin McRae series (now labelled as Dirt) were made by two large teams of highly skilled game […]

Sony loses $1.7 billion

This is massive news. As recently as October Sony were predicting a profit, now they have made their first loss in 14 years. Already they have an austerity programme in […]

Will Obama change the game industry? As the most powerful man on earth he is in a position to. But can he be bothered with problems like Putin, Hamas and […]

Just how bad is high street retail?

On Saturday my wife had a hairdresser appointment (still something you can’t do over the web) in Leamington Spa so I went along for a wander through retail. This is […]

How to manage game development

I have been asked how I would manage the process of making a game, something I have never done. But it is an area that is notoriously inefficient.  Obviously where […]